Monday, March 8, 2010

The Old Fashioned Way!

Johnny was late for school one day.

The teacher, Mr. Crabbash, demanded to know why Johnny was late.

Teacher: Well, mister, you have some explaining to do for your tardiness.

Johnny: Well, sir, you see, we have a cow ready to be mated, so the bull and the cow need to be together, so I had to bring the bull to the cow.

Teacher: What? Let me get this straight.
Your cow is in heat and you needed to bring the bull to the cow so they could mate.

Johnny: Yes sir.

Teacher: Well, Johnny, couldn't your dad have done that?

Johnny: No sir, it had to be the bull.


  1. Thank you KR for the chuckle.

    I'm honored to have been your inspiration.
    - Dog Gone,