Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I feel the need, the need for speed!

120 mph!!!!My new maximum speed seen on my Arctic Cat CFR 800!

And, more importantly, I ever so slightly pulled ahead of my buddy on his Yamaha Apex.

The Yamaha digital speedometer is not as accurate as the Arctic Cat digital speedometer.
During our race across the lake:
He saw 122 mph and maximum of 125 mph.
I saw 112 mph and a max of 114 mph.

Here is how Sunday's fun unfolded:
We headed out to see if anyone was at the waterskips.
The Conservation Officer clocked us at 54 going across the lake to the waterskips. (no ticket, speed limit on the lake is 50 mph this time of year.) (He pinched another buddy a month ago for $110)
(300+ people at the skips on Sat; only 25 on Sunday)

After talking with a few friends at the skips we went over and talked with the officer.
We were talking to him while he clocked someone else at 68 mph. He has his job to do... so he took off on his sled... and we followed. heh heh heh
I was going 104 mph and starting to gain on the officer, so I slowed down a bit.
Then, while he was stopped and distracted with those people, my buddy and I evened up and we pinched it!!!!!! Wide open! Balls to the wall! The last hurrah!

We were dead even until I slightly pulled on him between 110 and 114 mph.

Then, an hour or two later the officer was writing a ticket to someone that just sunk their sled under the bridge.
I was giving my friend a ride to his truck. Naturally, I took the easiest way and waterskipped under the bridge.
The officer followed us and scolded me for waterskipping under the bridge with a passenger.
"Which one of you was driving?"
"I was."
"I just talked to you two earlier and then you do that right in front of me."
"What? You never said we couldn't skip there."
"I did now. It's too deep under the bridge. That's my rules."
(Just because he is limited in his snowmobiling abilities should not determine MY acceptable limits.) (But, no ticket)

Then, on the way back to the cities late late Sunday night.
67 in a 55
11:45 PM on a nicely paved county road not too far from I-35
I was getting tired and I just wanted to get home after I dropped off my friend.
This officer was off to the side of the dark road without his lights on, radar gun locked and loaded.

"Did he give you a ticket?"

No, he gave me a breathalyzer; no ticket.


  1. Slow down! My 1972 Scorpion 340 RV could do about 50 and that was plenty fast for me.

  2. My 1971 Scorpion Stinger III couldn't even do 50.