Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Personal Responsibility v. Blaming Others

Does climbing the corporate ladder really make you lose self control and become obese?

One local blogger made that very claim:
"the higher you get in a corporation, the more unhealthy the job is. As you can see by my rotund profile, I have been too high up on the food chain for too long."
A Grumpy Old Man would probably say:
"I'm fat 'cuz I eat way too much of my lovely wife's cooking! Now get off my lawn!!"

But wait, there's more; maybe the real blame should be placed on Booosh:
"I am dead serious when I say that I'd be thinner if the economy were better."
How's that for personal responsibility!!!

Folks, you just can't make this stuff up.


  1. Hmmm.....seeing round bellies at all levels, I'm inclined to doubt this. Working long hours at a desk probably doesn't help matters, though.

  2. Too bad there isn't another option besides being a complete glutton every time someone buys you lunch.

  3. Ha!

    Do ya think Bart has that excuse, K-Rod? :^)

  4. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

    Good one, Bubba, sure looks like he is eating for two.

    If he were to claim his belly was kicking, run for the door in case he tries to be Mr. Creosote.

  5. MD's right.
    i've seen it time and again: poeple fatten up after gettin hitched.

  6. K-Rod- But it's "wafer thin"!!

    Gino- Benny's not gaining any sympathy weight. Instead, he's dragging me off to the gym all the time! It seems like he doesn't know how the program works.

  7. I don't know -- I think the person blaming the economy for his/her weight gain may be on to something.

    Having been, uh, "well-rounded" ever since the Carter administration, I can say with authority that no amount of situps can overcome stagflation!

  8. Diva--if I remember your father in law correctly, your husband may be one of those who never manages to gain weight. (sorry!)

    As for me, I've been successful in the sympathy weight gain for Mrs. Bubba's sake. Too successful--she at least drops her weight gain!