Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Check out their nominations...then let us know who you'd pick.

Vote in Fox411.com's Battle of the Bombshells!

I'm sorry, but as a young boy who grew up in the 60's, there's one beauty conspicuously absent from this list. I can't believe she was overlooked.


  1. Annette Funicello had it goin' on. No doubt about that, KD. As for their list, I'd vote for Grace Kelly, although I also like Rita Hayworth. But they forgot Diana Rigg.

  2. ...and Dawn Wells, too, except for the fact that "bombshell" typically means "known primarily for sex appeal," and thankfully both Ms. Wells and Ms. Funicello escaped that fate.

  3. There are some beauties that I'd like to mention too, of the other gender, from that same era.

    Kurt Russell was one. Mickey and Davey from the Monkees are two others. Oh yeh, and David McCallum - mmmmmmmmm from Man from U.N.C.L.E.