Monday, April 26, 2010

Another human rights violation?

There might be a protest at the state capitol in St. Paul.

The protest is against the .08 DUI law in that it will unconstitutionally profile Americans of Irish descent, in effect violating the human rights of those with ruddier skin complexion.

One of the many patrons in downtown St. Paul feared being pulled over since he has not only a "Luck of the Irish" bumper sticker but also a "Notre Dame" static window decal.
The patron said, "They are targeting us based on our Celtic appearance. I don't even like Irish Whiskey; and for the record, I prefer Summit EPA to Guinness!"

Jessy Ventura has not commented yet on how this issue correlates to the names of the streets in St. Paul.


  1. Cute, very cute. Have you heard about Obama's plan to curb Illegal aliens working in this country? He's calling it the great recession. there are no jobs left to be filled by Illegals!

  2. Interviewing yourself again, K-Rod? :^)

  3. Heh heh heh

    I have nothing bad to say about Irish Whiskey; but I prefer a nice single malt scotch, even better if it is old enough to vote... or drink.

  4. i'll never understand the irish thing...

    and i used to be irish long ago.