Saturday, April 10, 2010

Our Government: Drug Peddlars

Since I enrolled at seminary three years ago I've gotten periodic emails concerning financial aid.  Usually these messages tell me that I need to complete a certain form if I want to get scholarships or loans fort the upcoming year. 

In recent weeks, however, I have been getting persistent e-mails like the one to the left.  These offers of aid are no longer specific to my schooling; that is to say, the one sending the emails has no idea who I am.

Taking a look at these emails, as I do since I don't want to inadvertently throw away financial information sent to me from legitimate sources, I notice that they are trying to create interest in getting free money from the government.  They seem very similar to credit card ads that I've gotten through the years.

I have a problem with this.  Why in the world is the federal government going out looking for people to receive its beneficence?  Since we are running a massive deficit shouldn't we be pinching pennies instead of mugging people to give them grants for unspecified projects?  This is insanity.

And I have a problem with this on another level.  Just like with credit card companies, the federal government is trying to create dependency.  Actually, there is another group of people that operates like this,... drug dealers.  "Here, try this.  You'll like it.  It's free."  The thing is, it isn't free.  It's very, very expensive.  Notice the pretty people pictures?  'Going to the government for a handout is sexy!'  This is troubling.

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  1. Down in Iowa they're advertising Unions, saying how they pay an average of 20% more than non union jobs, have better health care, Etc, Etc. This to me seems wrong in the same way your post points out. Since the Unions and the Dems are in the back rooms together together writing up the sweet deals like the tax break they're getting for health care on taxes this year, this creates a benefit you and I cannot get....unless we join a union. This is not fair. The only way you can get a union job is to have a brother get you in.