Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dangerous cargo?

When I saw this new story today,...
BLAIR, Neb. -- Authorities found nearly 600 pounds of marijuana Monday in a rail tank car near Blair that was leased by Cargill and had delivered corn sweetener to Mexico.

The estimated street value of the catch: just less than $600,000, Washington County Sheriff Mike Robinson said.

It was the largest amount of marijuana ever seized in the county, Robinson said.

Employees at a Cargill plant were about to clean out the tank car Monday morning, when they discovered packages at the bottom of the car and notified authorities, Robinson said....

...I had to wonder:

How many more years will it take of having liberals and nanny-staters in charge before we'll start seeing news stories about black marketeers trying to smuggle packages of high fructose corn syrup in railcars of marijuana?

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