Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time off well spent! A silver lining of the Obama Depression.

Spent a week out west at Glacier National Park with my Dad.It was great!
McDonald Lake.

Hike up to Avalanche Lake. Still a foot and a half of snow on that side of the lake.
Saw a few goats on the other side of Avalanche Lake.

The helicopter ride over Glacier was amazing! Look for two frozen lakes in the pic.


  1. Do I take it that the lamb's blood on the lintel at Eastertime didn't work, and you're looking for work?

    Mrs. Bubba and I honeymooned at Glacier....great time.

  2. You are correct sir. Severance through the summer. Maybe start my medical device consulting back up...

    The going to the sun road won't open for weeks. I am thinking of a second honeymoon after the snow melts on the mountains for us almost empty-nesters.

  3. Great pix, K-Rod! Looks like I need to get out there....

  4. Hunting is not allowed in the park.