Tuesday, June 8, 2010

There goes the neighborhood.

Lake Vermilion state park land deal finalized
Gov. Tim Pawlenty Tuesday signed documents for the $18 million purchase of one of the most picturesque sites in the state. It will be the first new major state park in more than 30 years.
No really, people, it's not that great. Trust me, you wouldn't like it so you should just STAY AWAY. Really, just stay away. And get off my lawn!
The deal gives the state 3,000 acres of land for public use along Lake Vermilion in northeastern Minnesota, what has been repeatedly described as a "crown jewel" of the state parks system.
That 3,000 acres generated property tax revenue until now.
The initial cost for the park is about $50,000,000! How's that going to help the state deficit?!?!?
According to Pawlenty's office, the new park will provide greater public access to Lake Vermilion, which includes 40,000 acres of water, 368 islands and 341 miles of shoreline.
There are already several public boat launches, not to mention more than a few private.
There are already several campgrounds on the lake.
There are already several resorts on the lake.
There are dozens of cabins you can rent. (My good friend is one of many. Let me know if you are interested.)
There is already a State Park in Soudan.

It's not like people couldn't enjoy the northern part of the state without this. There are thousands of other opportunities.
Not too much farther to the north is Voyagers National Park.
Just a few miles north is the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.
Just a few miles to the south is Bear Head Lake State Park.
There are 20 Superior National Forest Campgrounds in the area totaling more than 500 campsites.

Sure, it will boost the Tower economy.
Soudan only has one small convenience store. I hope is brings in more business for SOS but I doubt it.

But it will not have much impact on the businesses on the lake.

I've done a lot of camping. We try to pack everything before we leave so we don't spend time shopping instead of camping.
I'm sure the park gift shop will sell lots of shirts and shot glasses!!!

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