Thursday, July 15, 2010

More on the Death of England

From the BBC Quote of the Day:
"It's absolutely ludicrous - Thomas Crapper would be turning in his grave" - Philip Davies, Tory MP for Shipley, greets the news that a shopping centre is installing Turkish-style lavatories.

No longer will the sight of "squatting toilets" be confined to holidays abroad, if you shop in Rochdale. The Exchange shopping centre is having two squatting toilets plumbed in, after staff attended a cultural awareness course.
I served a tour in the Air Force in eastern Turkey and I can attest to the putridity of these things. Here's a clean one on the right. You put your feet on front part, drop your drawers and do your business. They're not very sanitary. The ones I encountered were usually filled with flies. Obviously it's not a place you want to drop your keys. As far as I know there was no difference in the plumbing (or lack thereof) between the men's and women's facilities.

Here's another that's even less pleasant. Why the good folks of Rochdale would willingly disregard a thousand years or so of plumbing progress is beyond me, but it certainly shows their desire to be assimilated into the the caliphate of Eurabia.


  1. whats this have to do with the faith of islam?

    or another question: what does your version of a modern toilet have to do with your expression of christianity?

    neither Jesus nor Mohamed used plumbed toilets.

  2. For what it's worth,I got to use those things in Malaysia, and while they do a great job getting the poop out (your legs press against your torso while using them), they do stink.

    I'm pretty sure the reason isn't the toilet itself, though; rather, the typical installation doesn't include the standard "air trap" that prevents sewer gases from going back up through the bowl.

    (that air trap, of course, is one of the reasons for the typical height of a european style toilet)

  3. Gino, I don't think it's an expression of Christianity vs. Islam; it's a cultural difference rather than a religious or spiritual one. ("Squatty Potties" are also commonly found in China and the Philippines.) Installing these after a "cultural awareness" session suggests that someone's awareness is wedged firmly into his or her butt. It would be like replacing washing machines at the laundromats with rocks (though I wouldn't put it past the enviros). It's a silly and dangerous step when being "culturally aware" means regressing.

    Now, I have cleaned many a public toilet in my time and I can certainly vouch that these are often not the tidiest. Still, the inherent sanitation and decorum of a bowl containment system is clearly an upgrade.

  4. Try using one of those if you have a knee that won't bend past 90°.

  5. crankbait: steve is clearly making a tie-in to the islamic faith with this post.

    i want to hear his justification for it.

  6. I'm not seeing the tie-in to spiritual matters at all.

    K-Rod, maybe you push your back firmly against the wall behind you and squeeze?
    ...This is to be avoided I would think.

  7. Gino, do you have any examples of how we are trying to bring Chinese cultural diversity to the US similar to how we have indeed brought Islamic foot washing benches and the Burqa regarding a driver license?

    "The Exchange shopping centre is having two squatting toilets plumbed in, after staff attended a cultural awareness course."

    So just what cultures have had such changes forced on our society?
    I certainly can name Islam as one.

    So just what culture were these squatting shitters intended?

    Gino, the ball is now in your court. Heh heh heh

  8. but you've hit it to foul territory.

    show me in islam where sqatty potties are an expression of the faith, or its practice?

    you make a common mistake among christian americans: confusing things cultural with things theological.

    let me pitch this one slower for you:
    maybe you missed my part about flush toilets pertaining to christianity? did you see that up there? can you explain this for me?

    now, for a little school. sit up, pay attn:muslims are not forcing cultural changes on us. they dont have the numbers. all the bonehead decisions are made by the nonmuslims in power, and then dressed up as cultural diversity to make themselves feel superior.

    i know muslims. devoutful, practicing ones.
    i've had meals in their homes, and used their wet rooms. you be surprised on the attention to cleanliness their facilities offer, which is far superior to the single roll of Charmin you have hanging next to your toilet...

    i've only seen bidets in muslim homes...
    and never seen one with a squatty potty as receptical of preference.

    ready? go ahead, take your swing.

    maybe steve will come along and help feild the ball for us.

  9. You struck out.

    "The Exchange shopping centre is having two squatting toilets plumbed in, after staff attended a cultural awareness course."

    Please, Gino, just what specific culture is this to make us more aware? Chinese? Seriously?

  10. I'm with Gino, more or less. There's no good reason to take inaccurate cheap shots at Islam.

  11. Actually, Steve's shot is not at Islam, but rather at those putting in the "Lou's" for thinking that cultural sensitivity requires these things. Read.Carefully.

  12. bubba: read the tags.

    krod: last time. where in islam do you find squatty potties? you dont.
    no more than you find toilets in christianity.

    not all things cultural or lifestyle are religion based. there, i repeated my point that you've missed, again.

    stop pissing in the wind. it makes you all wet.

  13. "pissing into the wind"
    Ha ha, that's so 7th grade.
    But it sure looks like someone is full of piss and vinegar today. Ha ha ha Maybe a squatty pottie is in order. Heh heh heh

    OK, we can all agree that these squatty potties aren't meant to bring more religious history awareness.

    So, gino, why can't you just answer the question, to which culture is this supposed to bring us more awareness?
    The Icelandic culture? French Canadian? South Pacific? Jewish? Persian? Indian?
    Please step up to the plate and offer an answer. (in support of better ??? cultural awareness)

    [insert attempted pissing match comment here] Bwaaaahahahahaaa!

  14. Bubba,

    The connection between Islam and squatty potties isn't in the body of the post. The connection was made by including "Islam" as a tag. It's a cheap shot to denigrate Muslims as dirty and disgusting because of their toilet choices, when in fact the disgusting squatty potty has no particular connection to them.

    It's a bit like criticizing Tea Partiers for being racists for all those terrible things they shout at their rallies. There might be some who say such things, but there's no particular connection between the Tea Party and racism. Further, to knowingly make the connection is to unfairly denigrate them.

  15. WB, to which culture do these squatty potties make us more aware?

  16. I think of them as being Turkish or Greek as opposed to Muslim or Eastern Orthodox.

  17. no ben, its more like connectin the tea partyers to outdoor latrines, that are used whenever they gather, as a sign that they just arent that modern like the rest of us.

    squatties are used the world over, even as far east as hi-tech japan. and filth is not a requirment to their presence.

  18. Elijah, addressing the prophets of Baal, who's imprecations to their god were being ignored:

    And at noon Elijah mocked them, saying, “Cry aloud, for he is a god. Either he is musing, or he is relieving himself, or he is on a journey, or perhaps he is asleep and must be awakened.” 1 Kings 18:27 (ESV)

    Didn't say whether Baal used a squatty potty, though.

  19. So gino, these sqatty potties make us more aware of which cultre?

  20. Gino,
    Sorry for the delay in getting back. It's not intended as an overt slam at islam, but I've only coming across squattie potties in islamic countries. I'll go out on a limb and make a value judgment - it's a step backward in plumbing, and is only showing up in western countries as a result of islamicization. Do we have a burning need for 14th century plumbing? I'm thinking not. I don't particularly care if my neighbor is a muslim or Lutheran or Hutterite, but don't force me to abandon my culture to accomodate someone else's. [/rant]

  21. who's making you abandon your culture?

    as for those who are used to squatties: there are physical benefits to them, and likley prefer them for those reasons.

    as for islamic countries, whatever that means...
    i've seen them only once in my life, and that was a public facility in Rome (yes, that would be very islamic italy) back in 1971.

    odds are, if Jesus used a potty, it was a squatty. so i would say sit down johns are unchristian-like, if not down right unChrist-like.

    as far as steps backward or forward, it would depend on your perspective of backward vs forward.

  22. Gino, no one is making us abandon our culture.

    These squatting toilets are supposed to make us more culturally aware.

    So Gino, are you claiming the Exchange shopping center was lying and that this is actually supposed to make us more aware of Roman Catholic religion?

    And what "physical benefits" are you claiming?