Thursday, July 15, 2010

Camping in the Black Hills

The hiking was fantastic!

Here are a few photos hiking up to the top of Little Devils Tower.
Looking up from the bottom.

Still have quite a way to go.

Steep trail... about 6000 feet above sea level... the sign said it was a strenuous hike... I'm a grumpy old man... and I have Acrophobia...

But it was worth the effort:On the top of Little Devils Tower looking toward the Cathedral Spires.

And the view of Harney Peak.

I would have loved to have had more time to do the Harney Peak hike.
I highly recommend this hike or the slightly less strenuous Cathedral Spires hike.
Or a nice drive up Mount Coolidge or Iron Mountain for the non-hikers.


  1. Beautiful! Hiking among the glories of God's creation is such a wonderful thing.

  2. We've been talking about planning a trip out there for the last few summers. These shots are a motivator. With my son hobbled with a full leg immobilizer, it'll have to be next summer.