Sunday, October 17, 2010

NFC North QB rankings - Week 6

1) Brett Fahv-Ruh
2) A-Rodge
3) Shew Hilton
4) J-Cut


  1. It's not looking good when the best QB of the week for the NFC North directs an offense that gains less than 200 yards. I think the Lions still have a shot here.

  2. I've noticed that Rodgers is not a clutch QB. He's puts up impressive numbers in 2+ years as a starter, no doubt. But when GB needs one big play for a win, he's rarely delivered.

  3. Well, I'm not sure that's quite fair to Rodgers. If you look at the 3 games the Packers have lost this year, Rodgers didn't cause James Jones to fumble against the Bears. Rodgers took a helmet to helmet hit on the interception he threw against the Redskins (and got a concussion for his trouble). In the Miami game he drove the Packers for the tying touchdown. He got the ball in overtime deep in his own territory and went 3 and out, so maybe you call him out on that one. But I think the other two aren't really on Rodgers.

    Give him some of his weapons back and let's see how he does in the clutch.

  4. Oh, and I almost forgot -- in the Redskin game, he didn't make Mason Crosby miss the field goal that would have won the game, either.