Friday, January 7, 2011

Things We Learn from Gino's Blog

I had no idea that Hamm's beer is still being sold in California. Gino drinks it but apparently prefers to make a few modifications. It boggles my mind that they don't sell Hamm's in Minnesota any more.

Of course, we still want to remember the most honest ad campaign for beer ever.


  1. schaefer. lol
    back in the early 80s, i used to get that stuff in 12pk cans for $1.99 at the gas station. i drank a lot of it.

    oh, an according to the link, hamms is still sold in MN.

  2. Why did I just watch that Schaefer ad?

  3. I worked at the old Hamm's brewery in St. Paul over 20 years ago!

    I'll double check, but I'm sure you can get a Hamm's in in MN. I'll see if any up north still serve it.