Monday, August 15, 2011

The ultimate endorsement

With Texas governor Rick Perry announcing he would be seeking the GOP nomination for President, it appears there's a new energy surrounding the party.

But as with any candidate, Perry will be dogged by insane rumors which seemingly get conjured up out of thin air. For example, in 2000, candidate George W. Bush was rumored to have been drinking alcohol again. In 2008, a certain subset of Barack Obama detractors questioned whether or not he was even born in the United States, which is a requirement to be President. With Perry, there are some crazy innuendos on how he's living a secret life as a gay man despite being married to a woman.

But to David Burge, proprietor of the Iowahawk blog, that matters not. In fact, back in June when there was heavy speculation Perry would jump into the Presidential race despite declining initially, Burge gave his unconditional endorsement.

Is Rick Perry gay? I don't care. In fact, if he cuts Fed spending by a real 10%, I'll do him personally.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


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