Monday, September 14, 2009

Bears-Packers, Week One

I know all you "Grumpy's" are just waiting to hear my side of the story. I hope yer takin notes...

I've been hopeful, but guarded, since the Cutler-for-Orton trade and the windfall of promises that came with. Though I sincerely hoped I was mistaken, it looks like maybe I won't be.

With Cutler's four INT's, it was looking more like the return of Rex Grossman last nite in Green Bay, instead of the second coming of Sid Luckman.
And I saw nothing better than Orton would have delivered.

Yessir, it looks like Bears fans will have to wait to see the 'explosion of Offense' that was all but promised to us with the acquisition of Jay Cutler at QB. I still remain hopeful, but... ya know... I won't be hoisting the purple dixie cup anytime soon.

And then comes the news that the mighty Urlacher is out for the season. Could last night have been any worse?
For sure, I would've expected 'last night' to have happened last year, but not this year. But before you Cheeseheads get all swaggerish, just keep reminded that an ineffective Bears Offense, and a less than stellar Defense was beating you, and was close to sealing the deal, at Lambeau.

Your Packers will have to do better than that when you hit Favre House. It should be a good show, either way.

On a side note:
Former Bear, traded for Cutler, now a Bronco, Kyle Orton threw for a TD when it mattered most, and put the W in the column.
For sure, Orton doesn't bring the level of promises that Cutler does. He also doesn't fall so short of them,either.


  1. I think Jay Culter will be fine and thus will have a nice year. The Defense without Urlacher could be troublesome. However, as long as Ogunlye and Harris are healthy on the D-line, they should still be formidable. But with the Steelers this Sunday, the schedule makers did the Bears no favors.

  2. What Brad said. The Bears have some real talent on their team and Lovie Smith is a very smart coach. The problem they have is that the NFC North is getting to be a tough neighborhood again.

  3. a tough 'hood? well, kinda.

    we dont have the powerhouse, super bowl expected teams like new england, pittburgh, indy...

    but we have three teams who are very competitive with each other. i can see the three teams with 10-6 records, flipping coins for tie breakers.

    with the lions nearby, i think we can all say we are 2-0 before opening day.

    and i can see all three teams splitting their series, as well.