Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Outlaws-Touchdown,my pants Week 1

It was a stellar performance by the Outlaws, a 110.58 to 78.26 win over Touchdown..my pants, in my fantasy league with a bunch of guys from work.

My number one point getter this week---Santonio Holmes, WR from Pittsburgh--22.10

The rest of my team is:   Phil Rivers QB, Marion Barber RB, Kevin Smith RB, Larry Fitzgerald WR, Chester Taylor Flex, Tony Gonzalez TE, David Akers K, Bears D.

It's nice to see my team at the top of the division.  Last year was not good.


  1. The Wise Guys won!!!
    111 - 58

    Tony Romo

    All Day Adrian Peterson
    Reggie Bush

    Anquan Bloldin
    Roy Williams
    Don Driver
    Nate Burleson (bench)


    Ravens D

  2. Reggie Bush is quite the enigma. I just started doing this fantasy league stuff last year. Last year and this year I've asked old hands about him---guys either love him or hate him.

    You must have had the first pick if you got Peterson, or was he available in your 10th round?

  3. Yes, I drew the Ace!

    Bush has potential; I hope it is not wasted potential. My team seems solid for now, they better not turn into the 4077 as has happened previous years. Grrrrrrr.