Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Top Ten Reasons for ChiTown oLIMPics

13) Centrally located in the middle of fly over land
12) Lots of blow in the Windy City
11) Takes focus off of ACORN corruption
10) Payback to Chicago Political Machine
9) Lake Michigan is deep enough to get rid of plenty of bodies
8) Mayor Daley needs more votes (dead or alive)
7) Chicago has no guns
6) Official Olympic song: Elvis: In the Ghetto
5) Sears Tower is the tallest terror target in the country
4) Key peice of the Obama stimulus package to finally end the malaise (in 2016)
3) Olympic rings look so much like handcuffs
2) Latest census puts Chicago as largest city in the world
1) Obama still has political debts to pay off

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