Monday, November 2, 2009

84 in a 70

*fade to scene... Late late late last Monday night... I-35 South... picked up Whities at Hinckley... heading home after long weekend up north... between Harris and North Branch...*

*Zing past cop gunning in median. (at least I wasn't going 95)

*Slow down & set cruise at 71.

*Cop tails us for 5 to 10 miles.

*Turns on his lights.

*I pull over.

*Roll down window.

*Cop approaches on wife's side, knocks on window, wife jumps...

Cop: "Do you know why I pulled you over?"

K-Rod: "Ahhh, No."

Cop: "You were going 84."

K-Rod: *groan*

Cop: "Do you know what the speed limit is?"

K-Rod: "70"

*Hands officer drivers license*

Cop: "Well, I am going to run your license and if it all checks out I'll just give you a warning."

*huge sigh of relief*

*cop goes back to squad car

*chit chat with wife*

*cop returns and hands me my license*

Cop: "I'm just giving you a warning this time."

K-Rod: "Thanks!"

Cop: "Were you at the casino or cabin?"

K-Rod: "Hunting. We got two grouse today."

Cop: "Nice. I noticed the White Castles... Well, keep that speed down and be careful."

K-Rod: "Thank You."

(I'm sure that feeling in the gut was from the sliders.)


  1. It appears that you're better at dodging bullets than the grouse were. :)

  2. That was nice of him. I don't know what speeding tickets are nowadays; but those would have been some pretty expensive grouse if you had to pay up.

  3. 84 would get you run off the road in my part of california, but at 70, a cop WILL pull you over for driving suspiciously.

  4. I'm quite surprised that you got pulled over for going that speed on that stretch of highway. 84 is about what everyone is going there. I-35 between the Cities and Duluth might as well be the Bonneville Salt Flats most days.

  5. You didn't have to hand over your carry permit, too?

  6. Traffic usually does run about 80 on that stretch; I usually go between 80 and 95.

    Plenty of guns in my Tahoe, 30-06, .44 Mag, 12 Ga, 20 Ga, .22s.
    I do not have a carry permit. The wife would like to get one, maybe I will get one after she does.

  7. Carry permit class is a great date! (if I were closer to Duluth, I'd volunteer for babysitting if you need it)

  8. Nope, the kids are 18, 19, & 21, and we are in Shoreview, but so nice of you to offer.

    The wife wants to get her carry permit, me not so much if only to help the numbers.

    I know Joel R and he is more expensive. Do you know any others you would recommend?

    The wife and I will celebrate our anniversary this month, once again deer hunting in the north woods. Isn't that sweet!

  9. I took it from a guy I knew from church; Bert Lessard, he's working in the Gander Mountain in Maple Grove.

    Regarding the cost of getting one, here's the breakdown:

    Gun (you're set, right?)
    Class: $100-$200
    Application: $100
    Cell Phone: $40/month

    Rosenberg justifiably notes that you don't want to go TOO cheap on this; since a lot of the cheapest guys really don't know their stuff. The minute you draw, you're out $10-15K--getting a good instructor pays for itself VERY quickly if you ever have a reason you need to carry.

    And yes, hunting with your "spare rib" is romance defined!

  10. cell phone? what that gotta do with it?

  11. If you ever need to draw your gun, the next thing you do after giving some poor criminal "acute lead poisoning" is call first the cops (so they get your side of the story first), and then your lawyer (so you don't talk yourself into jail).

    This is especially the case if you carry in cities, which tend NOT to like shall issue carry, and almost always arrest the shooter, even if it's obvious he's innocent.