Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Be a Man!

Once you reach a certain age all guys should suck up their manly pride and get a prostate exam.  Even more fun, once you hit 50 you need a periodic colonoscopy.  I'm off to do that today, but I'll spare you the colorful details.  Do it for your heath and for your family. 

Besides, if Obamacare passes, you may never have the opportunity.


  1. Medical Haikus

    "Hands off my prostate!"
    Not a smooth move there buddy.
    Bend over for health!

    Not all fun and games
    Unpopular procedure

  2. you go, steve.
    i've posted video of one of my medical procedures. but i think we can do without this one of yours.

  3. The colonoscopy procedure was no problem, it was drinking that vile potion to clean you out that was the killer.

  4. No potion, but they gave me tabs of sodium phosphate to take with lots of water. It was chalky/salty. Pretty much turned my innards to water.

    And the good news was that the doc didn't find a thing. Fiber is your friend.

  5. Take the GoLitely
    Poop like you've eaten All Bran
    Tube and a movie

    Levity aside, do pay attention to your colon. I lost my mom to complications of colon cancer a few months ago. If you think sitting on the pot all day is troubling, consider the possibility of being on morphine drip and drifting in and out of consciousness as the doctors try to control the pain.