Monday, March 29, 2010

Obama Law mandates WalMart purchases.

Landmark historical legislation signed by Obama will force Americans to make a monthly purchase at WalMart, weekly purchases at Walgreens, and one visit a year to Wall Drug.

Well, not really, but he did sign a law mandating you buy health insurance.

What next? Maybe a mandate to buy lots and lots of K-Rod's widgets (TBD)!!!!! Cha-ching!!!


  1. If i'm still unemployed you can bet I'll not qualify since I'm white. And I'd much rather pay the $500 fine than $400 a month. Yes I can do the math.

  2. Amen, guitarman. But what would they do if you had to go to the hospital? Just thinking ahead to ways they can make things ugly....

    Thanks by the way, all you grumpy old guys, for being a support during this horribly dark period following this decision.