Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mrs. D's New Hoopty

Mrs. D needed a new (used) car and we got her a 2007 Honda Accord this morning. It's a nice ride and should work well for us for a long time. It looks pretty much like this picture. A used Japanese car -- it's the American Dream, I guess.


  1. For years and years my uncle would only but an "american" car, (iron range thing) but then many American cars were actually built in Canada. Then he bought a Toyota Sequoia; it was built in America.

    My dad has a Toyota Tundra that was designed AND built in America. Probably better than the new Obama Government Motors (GM).

  2. K-Rod,

    True dat, and it's funny how that works. We always had Detroit metal, too, but it wasn't necessarily American. Both the Chevy Lumina and Dodge Intrepid that we've owned in recent years were assembled in Ontario. My Hyundai Santa Fe? Made in Birmingham, Alabama. And Mrs. D's new ride was built in Marysville, Ohio. So we're actually supporting the American economy with "foreign" cars than we did when we owned American makes.

  3. thats what was wrong aboout saving the american car companies.
    there werent any,really. only american CEO millionaires.

  4. You mean rescuing the Chrysler division of Daimler-Benz wasn't rescuing an american company? :^)